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The Lake Como Greenway Project

The idea of the Greenway stemmed from a meeting held in Villa Carlotta in 2002. The event was organised by the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia, whose president was professor Giacomo Elias, who was also president of the Ente Villa Carlotta.

The meeting was also attended by Professor Alessandro Toccolini, professor of the Agricultural Institute of the Public University of Milan and President of the Greenway Italian Association, who was one of the speakers.

During the meeting, Mauro Guerra, who was then mayor of Tremezzo and is currently mayor of Tremezzina, put forward the proposal for the construction of one of Italy’s very first Greenways in Tremezzina.

Therefore, the participants drafted an agreement which established that the Foundation would fund the preliminary project and that the Union of the Cities of Tremezzina area would add the Greenway to the Tremezzina Integrated Local Development Programme. The Programme also included a series of projects aimed at fostering the touristic and cultural development of the area, which were co-funded with the European Cohesion Programme 2000/2006.

The Programme was approved by the Regione Lombardia in 2003 and was co-funded, subcontracted and carried out between 2005 and 2006.

Since its opening, many tourists have been walking the Greenway every week, especially on spring and autumn weekends.

The Lake Como Greenway official website

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