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Sala Comacina

The hamlet of Sala Comacina

The village of Sala Comacina lies on the western shore of Lake Como opposite the Comacina Island. It sits within the “Zoca de l’Oli”, a peaceful natural inlet that takes its name from its unusually calm waters – said to be as smooth as oil – and from the particularly mild climate which has allowed olives and other typically Mediterranean plants to be farmed there since Roman times.

Besides the splendid views over the island and its picturesque old town criss-crossed by narrow alleys with arches, small balconies and tiny bridges, Sala Comacina is famous for having hosted Alessandro Manzoni at Villa Rachele, for its charming Piazza Matteotti, which features a twelfth-century Madonna and Child fresco, and for its nineteenth century villas.

The parish church of San Bartolomeo, located over the Strada Regina, is also not to be missed.

The village of Sala Comacina was originally formed of a small group of lakeside fishermen’s houses sandwiched between the church and the shore, close to a set of mediaeval fortifications that were probably dismantled during the struggle between the Comacina Island and Como.

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